Have you tried crowdfunding but havent achieved the funding you need?



My name is Melissa, I’ve owned a web development company for 10 years, in addition, I’m a business coach and a single work at home Mom.

I want to share with you how I am fund my project.

Firstly, stop bugging friends and family to donate to your cause.


The answer is much easier! I invite you to join a crowd funding platform that works! The place where each of us contributes to one another, in order to make everyone’s dream a reality.

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You can raise enough to fund your project and even pay yourself a salary, all from instant donations from other community members.


There is no asking or begging involved. They donate to you automatically!


In order to join, you must donate a ONE TIME $200 to the community, this qualifies you to start earning large donations from the rest of our community.

This is your ONLY out of pocket expense ever.

You have a whole community behind you, that will bring in as much funding as you need, in record time!


Does your project need a website?

I will personally create for you, a professionally designed website, just like I do for my clients. (Worth $1200!) That’s like getting $1000 free!


My Credentials: View my web design portfolio here.

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To get started now, fill out this form, donate using Paypal and create your own project page! It’s that easy.

Then I’ll also create you your own website!

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