Once My New Company is Established 02/01/13

As an entrepreneur, I day dream a lot. I think it is a pretty common thing to do, for people with big goals. One of the reasons for most business ...

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As an entrepreneur, I day dream a lot. I think it is a pretty common thing to do, for people with big goals. One of the reasons for most business owners to go into business for themselves (other than being your own boss) is the hope for financial freedom and a better life.

In my case, as a single mother, I dream about giving my son a life he could only dream of, but won’t have to. I want him to be happy and love his existence. And although money can’t buy happiness, it can certainly give a mother piece of mind for a future for her child.

I have mentioned it on this blog before, but one of the things I have wanted for a while is to move. I constantly think about moving to a place where I feel my son will be able to make the most of his childhood. As usual, I am always on the internet and came across the New Communities In Martin County. Can I just take a moment to say O-M-G amazing!

I pretty much want to live there more than anything in the world. In my mind, I picture the perfect place for me to live while I run my online business, and a place that my son can feel at home. In my mind I can see it exactly, I know what it looks and feels like. The problem has been, is that I have only seen it in my mind. I have tried to do some researched and looked up North and South Carolina, but without knowing too much about those states, I can’t be a good judge of which towns are good and which are not so good.

However, after looking at the video and images on that website,  the images I have only seen in my head became a reality for me. And the best part is, I am used to Massachusetts pricing when it comes to homes. What I have known, but never fully took advantage of is, prices are SO much cheaper in most other places. The prices of my dream homes are small money compared to what it would cost around here. YES, I am sold!

As soon as my business takes off and I have the luxury of picking up and moving, I know exactly where we are going!

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