Things to Sell Online 05/14/13

As a Mom, a great commodity to have is another Mom as a friend. They understand you, and your need to live in adult land once in a while. I ...

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As a Mom, a great commodity to have is another Mom as a friend. They understand you, and your need to live in adult land once in a while.

I am so fortunate to have met a new Mom friend that has actually introduced me to a new element to my business. I never thought it was possible for someone to teach me the ins and outs of anything online. In my career, I spend all day and all day online, so I pride myself on knowing everything there is to know. And I typically an the one teaching others the knowledge I have learned over the years.

However, my friend fully opened my eyes of the selling and buying power of eBay.

Now don’t get me wrong, I knew how to buy and sell on eBay, I have had an account since 2006. But I never knew I could sell my services that directory correlate to my business. Once I discovered this, I was off on a tangent. I began wanting to sell everything, I wanted to sell clothes I had around the house, I wanted to sell my sons toys, I wanted to sell domain names, I even wanted to sell life insurance policy.

I have since found my niches on things that sell really well. It is a very funny and tricky world of selling stuff online. I didn’t think I would enjoy it, which is why I never got into it in the first place. But what I have discovered is, if you want a niche, you can do minimal work and make a pretty good profit. It might sound like a hoax, I thought so too at first, but it is how a lot of people make a living.

Even if it is not my main business, it fits in well, seeing as though I work online anyway. And to have another Mother who I can work with is awesome!

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